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Studies & consultancy

Since 2008, We have carried many projects in many parts of the world.
1. Seismic Interpretation and Mapping Project in Block 5A for White Nile Petroleum Co.

This project was an interpretation and mapping of 670 Sq. Km of 3D seismic data. The project was completed on high standard and on time. The project results were very positive and has made a significant impact on the company’s portfolio, exploration and production strategy and work program.

2. Integrated G&G study and evaluation of Block 8 for White Nile Petroleum Co., Sudan:

The study was completed in 2008 and has resulted in unraveling the structural and stratigraphic complexity of this Block. Many prospects and leads were identified. One of the prospects which was identified by our team was drilled and has resulted in a very significant discovery.

3. Seismic Interpretation, mapping and Prospects Generation and Evaluation project for STAR:

This was another challenging area that was unraveled by the detailed interpretation of our competent expertise in all G&G fields. A complete list of prospects and leads was provided to the client duly risked and ranked. Drilling locations were identified and results so far are very encouraging.

4. Detailed Full Field Review of Blocks 3&7 Fields in Sudan for TriOcean Energy, Egypt:

An integrated reservoir model was built for all Block 3&7 fields in Sudan for TriOcean energy Co. These included seven oil fields comprising five multi-stacked fluvial reservoirs. The model was built using Petrel and integrated all geophysical and geological data. This static model was verified and QC’s by independent experts and was then approved for simulation. This high quality model has met all objectives of the study. The impact was significant and it has lead to huge additional reserves that were over sighted by previous studies. TriOcean has commended our work and has later provided feedback with results that have supported our findings.

5. SEEBASE, Basin Modeling and Petroleum System Analysis for the Whole Sudan:

Tokamak in Collaboration with Frogtech has completed a countrywide study for Basin modeling and Petroleum System analysis. This was achieved by an integrated processing, interpretation and analysis of all available surface geology, magnetic, gravity, seismic, and well data in a single easily retrievable platform. The Project was very successful and the results are being utilized in a very efficient way by all Operating and international companies.

6. Mooz Field development Plan:

This comprehensive Field Development Plan was carried out for Petrodar Operating Company in Sudan. The Field is an aggregate of fields comprising multi-stacked fluvial reservoirs. The integrated model has included static, dynamic model, engineering and facilities planning and finishing with detailed economic analysis of the project. A multi-disciplinary team was deployed for this study including top nudge experts in all aspect of geosciences.

7. Shale Gas Study:

As a first of its kind in the world, outside North America, Tokamak has completed a very successful study for the shale gas potential in the Blue Nile Basin, Sudan. The Study has revealed very encouraging results and is being pursued further by the Operating Co and the Government.

8. Geological Evaluation of Abu Khashab Field in Syria:

This study was completed in 2010 and included a comprehensive evaluation and resources assessment and certification for this Field in Syria.

9. Geological Evaluation of Gebel ElZeit Field in Egypt:

This study has included seismic interpretation and integration of all geological and geophysical data to assess the potentiality of this field. A very detailed reserves assessment and evaluation has been carried out and resulted in a very encouraging results.

10. Others:
  • Basement Play study to GNPOC
  • Sequence stratigraphic study to GNPOC
  • Field Development Plan for Mirmir Field in Block 5A Sudan

Seismic QC

Tokamak has created provision of high quality seismic acquisition and processing QC consultancy Services in a very cost effective and highly competitive prices to the Operators. Tokamak has secured trustworthy professionally driven agreement with individuals through our extensive networking.
These individuals from Canada, USA, UK, Russia, Pakistan, India, China, Nigeria, Australia, and Sudan will assure provision of good quality services and are committed to train national staff as well.
OPIC Petroleum Chad,
Republic of Chad

We have supervised 3D seismic acquisition in a timely and a professional manner, a reason for the operator to provide our company valuable recognition and commendation.

Petro Energy Operating Company, Sudan

Continuous contract for fours years during which we have provided 10 professional for acquisition and processing QC consultants over four seasons in which we have supervised a 2D & 3D seismic acquisitions & processings with full reports and presentation. Our high quality and timely services has enticed the Operator to maintain the contract for four years and we have received complimentary recognition.

Greater Sahara Operating Company, Sudan

We gave been contracted to Greater Sahara Petroleum Operating Company for this services for the past three years during which we have supervised 2D & 3D acquisition also processings.. Again our high quality services enticed the Operator to re-new our service contract for four consecutive years.

Our Partners

Corporate Companies

• Aeon Exploration – Calgary
• Fugro-Jason – Houston
• SUDAPET – Sudan
• FroGTech – Australia
• Rose & Associates – Calgary
• Sherwood Geoconsulting Inc.
• Schlumberger
• LandOcean – China

Private Companies

• G. Potocki Consulting
• HM, Associates, USA
• Rob and Associates, UK
• Petroleum Resources Assessment, Calgary, Canada
• Wang Shu and Co, China
• EDI, Russia

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