High Standard Operational Services

Through our extensive trustworthy professional & well-reputed partners, we are capable of providing operational services with high standard of safety and environmental compliance.

Drilling & Related Operations

  • Drilling and work over activities using high standard drilling rigs and practices
  • Design, procurement and operation and maintenance of all types of drilling, testing, cementing and other operational equipment
  • Preparation of drilling programs and final well completion documentation
  • Mudlogging, Wireline logging, Cementing, Coring services
  • Directional drilling, planning design and monitoring of horizontal wells
  • Provision of wellsite geological consultants

Geophysical Operations

  • Seismic acquisition, design, implementation and QC
  • Seismic Processing, design, implementation and QC
  • Provision of seismic acquisition QC consultants
  • Provision of seismic processing QC consultants
  • In seismic processing, our processing center in Bahrain has the state of the art hardware and software at your disposal

Project Management Consultants (PMC)

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

TOKAMAK is capable of providing integrated and comprehensive Project Management Consultancy for all projects from the engineering and design through to construction and a sustainable Operation and Maintenance services. This includes Engineering Projects for Power Plants, Tank Farms, Pipelines, Production Facilities, Water Treatment Facilities, Trunk lines, Terminal, Pump stations.
Our Operation and Maintenance Services are provided in full confidence and come with full warrantees.

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