Quality & Safety

Our standards are World Class

TOKAMAK’s regards Health, Safety and Environment as its First Priority. Our strict Safety measure are reflected and emphasize where ever we do business.

Total Quality Management

TOKAMAK believes in quality. “Do the right thing right” is our ultimate goal, not only for our customer satisfaction but also for our own internal audit. Our Quality Management Process involves both internal and external auditing and quality measurement system.
We do not provide just services, but rather we Provide Solutions and see them implemented correctly and rightfully. Our focus is not the short-term financial gains but the long-term partnership and alliance.

Safety Testimonials

Our work area is smoke free, equipped with the necessary safety equipment. All our employees are made aware and briefed in our Safety roles wherever they are posted. Our clients’ have commended our safety standards. We endeavor to promote environmental awareness and strive to keep our environment clean and healthy. Our standards are world class and we have been commended by our clients and consultants/partners. We are in the process of being certified.

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