Field Exploration Services

Ranging from rank wildcat area to mature areas we can provide solutions and services in:

• Integrated G&G studies at basin, play and prospect scale
• Structural re-construction and Basin modeling
• Gravity and magnetic data acquisition design, QC and interpretation
• Seismic data acquisition and processing design and QC
• Seismic data interpretation

• Geological input to prospects evaluation
• Prospects identification, maturation
• Resources and reserves assessment, risking and ranking

• Develop and promote new concepts and apply new techniques to target the more difficult “non-conventional” hydrocarbon resources

• Petrophysical evaluation of wells, fields and regions with an open-minded thinking
• Evaluation and assessment of frontier exploration acreages

• Promotion of emerging opportunities and preparation and presentation of data rooms
• Establishment of GIS system & database to assist E&P professional to analyse data & facilitate the decision process. (Build a See Base Model one of the effective tool represents a culmination of a number of calibration and integration steps)

Development & Consultancy

Development can not benefit more from anything else than believing and implementing the above caption.
We provide solutions and services in:

• Full Field development Plans
• Reservoir characterization
• Conceptual static reservoir model building
• Fluid flow and sample analysis and reservoir simulation

New oil from old field such as:

• Missed pay
• By-passed low resistivity hydrocarbon
• Reservoir Engineering and management:
• Pressure maintenance design, QC, and implementation
• EOR/IOR technology feasibility study, design, QC and implementation
• Reserves estimate and Professional Reserves Audit

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